Oct 1 / Matt Smith

October Meeting (1st Meeting)

Date: 23 October, 2008 (Thursday) @ 1170 TMCB
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Welcome: Matt Smith (1 minute)
Web Startup Group Overview: Devlin Daley (5 minutes)
* Meeting overview and explanation
* webstartupgroup.com (Meeting information, contact information, link to Facebook group, etc.)
Instead of two BizTech talks, Devlin and Matt should give a short presentation outlining the purposes of the group, what we hope to accomplish, and the format of the meetings. This first meeting should be a good demonstration of the format for the group moving forward.

BizTech: Amazon Web Services — Sam Curren (15 minutes)

FastPitch: (5 minutes or less each, totaling ~25 min, 5 for context switches)
1. American Idol exit polling, a Facebook app – Brian Whitmer
2. SiteSays.com – Matt Smith
3. Interactive Life Journal – Gabriel from MemorEZ (Ben Buie’s company)
4. CEO Club – Adam Chavez (801-687-1401) [3 min]

GroupGab: (open ended)
The BizTech speakers and Fast Pitchers are automatically signed up for Group Gab. Everyone else that comes to the meeting can do this.

Meeting Sponsors:
CEO club will provide pizza and drinks.

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