Dec 12 / Matt Smith

December Meeting Recap

We had an excellent meeting last night! Kirk Ouimet presented some on viral marketing to produce increasing streams of traffic (that are turning nicely turning into dollars). He gave us the quick run-down on how he made and Here is an Alexa graph that shows a bit of the success he is having:

Kirk will likely post a blog entry within the week about some of the things that he talked about.

Next, Devlin Daley presented a quick tutorial on OpenID — the technology that is successfully eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords for different websites. We likely post his presentation on here for those that missed it.

David Gardner was next. He announced the general idea of WSG Startup Weekend. Please comment on his post, so that you can be apart of how this will come together and played out.

Lastly, as always, there were a number of interesting ideas presented in the 1-minutes blurbs, which we hope will be posted on this blog by those that presented them, so that we can continue the discussion on them.

The meeting then continued over pizza. This time we mixed it up by going to Brick Oven, which would not have been possible without the continued sponsorship of the CEO club.

We want to apologize to those that thought the meeting was at 7pm rather than 6pm (including the film crew). If you came late, hopefully, you were able to come with the group to Brick Oven for pizza and drinks.

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