Dec 12 / David Gardner

WSG Launch It! Web Weekend

(President’s Day Weekend: February 13, 14, and 16)

We plan to do a first version of the Web Startup Group (WSG) Startup Weekend so that we can learn how to do it in a way that is successful and so that we can be more prepared for running it as a huge event (if we decide to) later in the year.

Event Details:

  • The event will start Friday evening. Then go all through Saturday and end on Monday
  • It is planned for President’s Day weekend (Feb. 13 – Feb. 16)
  • We also thought it would be great to have it in TNRB W408 and W410 or at the Novell offices.

Friday night will be the night everyone brings their ideas. Those who have ideas will sit at tables, and then those who want to be a part of a group will go to a table. We will allow people to present their idea and those sitting at the table will give feed back. The presenter will also talk about the different types of people he needs on his team. People will rotate to the different tables so everyone can hear all of the ideas. At the end everybody votes for the top five ideas and those will be the ideas that teams will use to build a company. They then find their team members, talk about project, and plan what each one will need to do. We then break until early Saturday morning.

Saturday is them working on their companies. At each meal we will have a speaker come in and talk about how to best go about getting things done in a web business. After breakfast we will also bring in mentors (Professors or individuals who have started up companies) for the teams to talk to and ask questions. We also thought it would be good to have periodic breaks (i.e., a happy hour without alcohol) where teams can talk to other teams about problems that they face. (Note: we realize this will be Valentine’s Day, so we will be getting out at 7:00PM so that everyone will have time to go out that night.)

Sunday we have as a day of rest. Teams can meet together, but it will have to be at their own locations.

Monday is the day they come together bring what they have finish up and present that night. There will be speakers and mentors as before during the day. That night they will present to everyone (the other teams, venture capitalists, local tech companies, and anyone else interested). All interested will ask questions, as well and give feedback. Then I think it would be good to have another happy hour were people do their last mix and mingle before they go their separate ways.

All, groups members, project descriptions, and presentations will be posted on the website, for everyone to see and comment on.

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  1. Shauna Theobald / Jan 6 2009

    Hi David;

    Love to know how the OSTC can help you put this amazing event together? Any chance we could meet at the OSTC so you could determine if the facilities there match what you need for this multi-day event?

    Look forward to hearing back from you

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