Dec 13 / Matt Smith

OpenID Enabled

This blog is now working with OpenID, so you can Login directly using an OpenID of your choice. Devlin mentioned in his presentation that most of you may already an OpenID as I did. One of the ones that he mentioned would work was a Google BlogSpot URL (, which, in fact, was what I used to login and make this post with. OpenID So, join the party: Login with your OpenID and make a post to this blog.


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  1. Brian Kissel / Dec 13 2008

    For any of your readers who want to deploy OpenID, there are open source libraries at or there is a free service that makes it quick and easy called RPX at You can see an example of how it works at or

  2. Matt Smith / Jan 9 2009

    Thanks Brian! Those are great resources for our members.

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