Dec 8 / Matt Bills

What To Do With 100TB in User Content…

I’ll leave this open to discussion…so if you’ve ran a content conversion company and have kept a copy of everything you’ve ever converted….what tools would you build for clients? what ways would you redistribute that content back to them?


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  1. Matt Smith / Dec 9 2008

    Hmmm, so it would always be nice to make all of the content searchable — so for photos and movies, it would be great to be able to bring up all photos and movies with a particular person in them (e.g., nice for birthdays and funerals).

    It would also, be nice to offer a timeline view of all of the content that each client has (e.g., great for journaling and life histories).

    Furthermore, it is simply nice having the backup available (provided that it is secure).

  2. nate.graves / Dec 11 2008

    Is the content copyrighted?

    I’ve heard Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly media) speak a few times and one of the more interesting things he talks about regularly is the concept of creating new value by combining information from different sources. I would be interested in looking at the information you have and seeing what other data it would be combined with to create something new and valuable to the users. So, if you can provide any additional information on what type of information you have access to and what restrictions there are on the disclosure of that information, I might have a few more ideas for you.

  3. jeremtaylor / Dec 12 2008

    If you want to emphasize the fact that you are keeping old versions like versioning software, and have time on your hands, you may be able to develop something that will graphically show them what files have been changed the most (most significantly), which files are changed most often.

    Also include system user data back up to allow them to do a full system restore with all of their settings.

    Also, Tortoise SVN has a nice interface with Microsoft Word’s ‘track changes’ feature. You may be able to train people on how to use it to make their lives easier. But I’m not completely familiar with the nature of the service you want to provide.

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