Jan 5 / Matt Smith

January Meeting

Here are the details for the upcoming Web Startup Group Meeting:agenda

Date: 8 January, 2009 (Thursday) at 7:00PM in 1170 TMCB
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“Javascript Libraries” – Brian Whitmer

FastPitch: (5 min each)
1. “User-Content Utilities” – Matt Bills
2. “Olifont – Investment Proposal” – Ben Buie
3. “Launch It! Weekend (Feb. 13-16)” – David Gardner

1-3 minute blurb each with some discussion (whomever wishes to participate)
Discuss ideas and meet people (All)

Sponsor: (Update)
Food and Drinks will be provided by the Open Source Technology Center (OSTC)

All details for upcoming and past meetings are publicly viewable at:



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  1. Matt Smith / Jan 8 2009
  2. Matt Smith / Jan 9 2009

    That was a fun meeting — each meeting has had a unique flavor. The meeting was recorded, so those that were unable to attend can see the video of it as soon as it gets posted. Thanks to Adam Chavez and Dan Noakes for making that possible.

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