Jan 31 / funk

Join Zachary Douglass

Zachary Douglass is start-up (providing funeral program templates and software to job_workfuneral homes across the nation) that is entering the Beta test phase of the product. Within the next month, we hope to have all the feedback we need from our Beta customers so that we can implement improvements and begin to sell our product on our website. With an expert graphic designer on staff, Zachary Douglass is looking for a student that would be able to take the PhotoShop web design and convert it into a working webpage. In the near future we look to convert our C++ photo editing software into a software as a service to facilitate product distribution. This non-paid internship would allow you to work from home, but also would allow you to get connected to members of our advisory board as well as take part in the excitement of a start-up and get yourself connected to a promising Utah business. Zachary Douglass looks to pursue other vertical markets in the near future and we will need the assistance of a paid web developer to come along for the ride. Please contact me if interested: James Funk – james.s.funk@gmail.com

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