Feb 5 / David Gardner

Launch It! Event Layout

Launch It! on February 13 in TNRB 374 at Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

Event Layout

5:00 – We will open things up and welcome everybody to the event. David Gardner will be the Master of Ceremonies and will let everybody know how the whole night will pan out.

6:00 – We will now have everybody with an idea stand up and pitch their idea. The idea pitch will consist of their idea, what they have done with their idea so far and who they need to be a member of their team. This is no longer than 3 minute pitches.

6:30 – When everyone is done pitching those with ideas will rotate to the different tables and explain in greater detail their idea. This is also where they talk about the different needs they may have as a team. They will be asking individuals about their different skill capabilities and figuring out who they would like to have on their team.

8:00 – As these teams gain the members they need, then they will break away from the tables and begin planning who will be doing what. Groups have the ability to be as big or as small as they need to be. We will make sure that everybody is a part of a group.

9:00 – We will call it a night and everybody will go their separate ways.

From here we will have the teams work on their own. We will be Sending out Questions to See where they are in the process of building a company. We will also see if the have any needs that possibly other teams may be able to help them out with. Any and all updates will be posted on the blog. We want teams to be able to communicate with one another and use one another’s brains to bounce ideas off of. As far as locations where they can work, we will give them the information of places that have room for them to use.

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