Apr 23 / Matt Smith

Launch It! Final Event Tonight at 6PM

rocket-launchHere is a direct quote from the email sent via Facebook and LinkedIn (in case you missed it):

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the deal. About a month ago we had a kickoff event for Launch It. We had a few people out there and it was a pretty fun kickoff with good food. This Wednesday we will be having the closing event to which all of you are invited. But the find doesn’t end there.

For the final event, we will having food, mingling with your fellow tech entrepreneurs, and the chance to meet the events judges who are out in the industry right now. The event will be happening this Thursday, April 23 beginning at 6:00 p.m in room 374 of the TNRB.

Now for the real kicker. We want to show a good turnout for the event, so we will be allowing ANYONE present an idea at the final so long as you message me (Nate Graves) before hand. The winner of the event will win a pretty serious “scholarship” from the Open Source Technology Center which will include the following:

* 3 months of FREE office space at the OSTC in the Novell buildings
* Free Internet access from Broadweave
* Free mentoring from Funding Universe
* Free presentation mentoring
* And we’re trying to get a couple more services in place.

This will be a great opportunity to get into one of the hotbeds for tech startups in the area and not have to pay anything for rent.

So, to recap, we will be holding the final event on Thursday at 6:00pm in room 374 TNRB. If you’d like a chance to eat some free food, mingle with some great students and leaders in the Utah Valley tech community, then come on out. If you’d like a chance to win the first ever, prestigious Provo X Scholarship, then message me (Nate Graves) by Wednesday night and we’ll get you more details.

Thanks everyone,


Hope to see everyone tonight at 6pm!

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  1. Shauna / Apr 25 2009

    Kirk Ouimet asked for templates for cap tables, stock options, term sheets, etc. Check out this site….http://www.venturelab.ucf.edu/resources_bizplan.html . Scroll down to the technology venture section….. All you’ve ever wanted to know and then some!

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