Apr 25 / Matt Smith

Provo Technology Xelerator Awards All Launch It Teams

rocket-launchHere is a press release that we would like to re-publish about our recent Launch It event:

Provo Technology Xelerator Debuts by Awarding Five Scholarships

Provo, April 24, 2009 – With some still tossing off their graduation robes, young entrepreneurs ran to the finals for the Web StartUp Group’s Launch It competition (www.webstartupgroup.com.) Held just hours after BYU commencement on April 23, founders presented overviews of their tech-based ventures to judges. Five teams were competing for one scholarship to be presented by the newly-formed Provo Technology Xelerator.

However, judges were so impressed by the caliber of the presentations, that all five teams were awarded scholarships of space and services. Roger Andrus, Director of the newly-formed Provo Technology Xelerator, explained, ‘Because this scholarship has some scalability and because each of these teams demonstrated significant merit, we opted to bring all five into the Provo Tech Xelerator pipeline. These awards for space and services will make it possible for these teams to complete the development of their companies with the help of mentors, coaches, and qualified service providers but without the burden of overhead expenses.” The scholarships will provide workspace for three months at the Technology Center at Novell along with other supports and business services. At the conclusion of the three months, companies will have the opportunity to present to investors at a Funding Universe Speed Pitching event.

Winning teams include PageMass, an online process for assessing brand visibility and popularity (www.pagemass.com); Skribbls (www.skribbls.com), a web-based writing resource for professional bloggers, authors, students, and researchers; Twitter Capital (www.twittercapital.com), a system of analyzing the value of social connections; Everest Event Planning (www.eventplanningeasy.com.), and Zachary Douglass, a photo editing service for creating memorial tributes (www.zacharydouglass.com.)

The Provo Technology Xelerator is the result of collaborative efforts of the Provo Business Development Corporation, the Technology Center at Novell, and Broadweave. Other sponsors of the scholarship include Funding Universe, Griffin-Hill, Squire & Company, CFOWise, and others.

For additional information about either the Provo Technology Xelerator or the Technology Center at Novell, please visit www.ProvoTechX.com or go to www.novell.com/startup.

Contact: Shauna Leavitt Theobald
Direct: 801-318-2764
Email: stheobald@novell.com

We would like to thank Provo Technology Xelerator (PTX) for their gracious support of the Web Startup Group! The resources (and wisdom) provided to our young teams/startups as they launch could not come at a better time. Thanks!

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