Jun 8 / Matt Smith

Web Startup Group (June Meeting)

calendarThe next Web Startup Group Meeting is this Thursday (June 11) night at 7:00PM in 374 TNRB!

Here are some of the details…

BizTech: Google I/O participants will be sharing some of the interesting things they learned.

FastPitch: ideas and venture updates from the group will be shared. As always, anyone attending can take 1-minute to share an idea or need. If you would like a formal 5-min FastPitch slot, then send an email to: fastpitch@webstartupgroup.com

Lastly, if anyone would like to sponsor the event by providing some food, then that would be appreciated. (email sponsor@webstartupgroup.com)

See you there!


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  1. joe / Jun 16 2009

    Can I just say?

    If you are a Utah, USA based group, you should mention this on the About page. I spent some time trying to get a clear idea of where you are geographically located as your stated meeting location was unknown to me. I would have thought this to be important enough to mention clearly from the outset, to avoid wasting casual visitors time.

    .. just sayin’

  2. Matt Smith / Jun 18 2009

    Thanks for sayin’ so Joe! We added a blurb to the “About us” page about our location.

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