Sep 15 / Matt Smith

Venture Startup Workshop by Josh Coates


Josh Coates will lead this directed discussion and interactive instruction.  He will cover such topics as:

–Why your startup will probably fail
–Raising capital:  Necessary but not sufficient
–Why financial models are critical
–Avoiding a company-wrecking CEO
–Marketing like you know what you’re doing
–How to make the press love you like Obama
–and more….

This three-day workshop series, hosted by the Provo Tech Xelerator and Broadweave Networks, will be held October 19 through 21, 2009, from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. daily at the Technology Center on the Novell campus in Provo, Utah.  Josh has requested that cost per company to attend be a $400 contribution to the Center for Women and Children in Crises. Up to three participants per company.  Bring your own laptops.

Visit for additional information or to register.  Call 801.318.2764 for questions or with comments.

About Josh (taken from
Josh Coates began his career in distributed systems research at the University of California, Berkeley and Microsoft’s Bay Area Research Center. Josh specialized in high performance and parallel disk and network I/O. In 1998 Josh graduated with a degree in Computer Science and began working at Inktomi Corporation developing network caching software.

In 1999 Josh founded Scale Eight, which developed scalable storage software technologies. Scale Eight’s customers included Microsoft, Viacom and Fujitsu.

Scale Eight closed operations in early 2003 and sold its intellectual property to Intel Corporation. Josh then moved on to the non-profit Internet Archive. Josh directed engineering and operations and was tasked to build out their Petabyte data center in San Francisco.

In 2004, Josh relocated his family to Highland, Utah. The following year he founded Berkeley Data Systems ( Within two years Mozy had acquired over 300,000 customers, including over 8,000 business contracts. In October of 2007 Mozy was sold to EMC for $76 million and is now run as a wholly owned subsidiary of EMC.

In 2009 Josh left EMC/Mozy/Decho and now volunteers as an adjunct instructor in the Computer Science Department at Brigham Young University.

Contact info:

Shauna L. Theobald
The Technology Center at Novell
mobile:  801.318.2764

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  1. Jason / Sep 18 2009

    I wish I could come. But, holding this during the week and in the morning is a bit tough for those who actually have jobs. 🙂

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