Oct 9 / Matt Smith

Tip for Quickly Adding Pictures to Your Blog Post

So, whenever you make a blog post I think that you should include at least one image.  This isn’t always easy, since many of us are short on time.  The Photo Dropper WordPress plugin makes this a lot easier.  After installing this plugin, then you can simply click a button above where you compose your blog post, type in a keyword, and select a photo.  These photos are directly from Flickr, but are available through Creative Commons licenses, which allow you to use for most things, so long as they are cited. 

Now for an example:
Dive off!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sebastian Mary

The photo above came up using the keyword “start” — not bad, for under 30 seconds. 

Now you have one less excuse for making a blog post without an interesting picture.  In other words, you should start including pictures in your posts.

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