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Q&A: Blank Label

To help you to get to know the some of the startups in the Web Startup Group we will be asking them to respond to a few questions… (similar to what we have done at LaunchUp)

The following Q&A segment is with Danny Wong the Lead Web Strategist of Blank Label, a startup based in Boston, MA. Danny has also guest posted on our blog and will be a regular contributor in the future.


1. What does your company do?

Blank Label is a provider of custom men’s dress shirts, empowering the consumer to become the designer of their own product with our neat custom dress shirt app.

2. Why does that matter and how do you make the world a better place?

We’re looking to shaking up the world of retail because mass-production is a broken system. We’re not a non-profit trying to change the system. Far from that. Effectively, we are looking to change the way men shop through mass-customization. You know how you go to the store, and perhaps you can’t exactly find what you want, or you find something you like, and there’s one or many of the following issues: i) there’s something wrong with it, ii) there’s something missing, iii) it doesn’t fit right, or they’ve run out of your size and color. We resolve these issues by allowing consumers to be the designer of their own product to really have a say in what retail’s producing. We only make individually made product just the way you want it, and we only product when you want it. Therefore we give you something you truly want, that the next guy won’t wear, and we are curbing material waste, which an atricious problem mass-production contributes to when they can’t accurately measure how much units of one product they can sell (they’re never right about their estimates either).

3. Why is your company cool?

We’re a young company that’s looking to connect fashion and individuality. We’re not looking to be a luxury brand, or some high-and-mighty label. We’re looking to me YOUR label. Our clothes don’t come with anything to brand you as a Blank Label wearer. In fact, you have the option to personalize your shirt in two ways: 1) monogramming your name, nickname, initials, w.e. on the breast pocket or just breast, collar tip, or cuff and 2) adding your own “personalized label” inside the collar of your shirt or at the bottom of your placket. We don’t put our own labels on your shirt. That’s branding you with our Label, and that’s not cool.

4. What 3 lessons/observations would you tell other entrepreneurs?

1. Market as cheaply and effectively as possible. Nothing sucks more than a negative ROI.
2. Prioritize tasks. The list of things-to-do gets really long. Put off the less important things because you can’t afford to waste time trying to do everything or doing insignificant things that won’t make as much of a difference as the rest.
3. Get a strong team. Having trust worthy, reliable people is one of the more important things about team building. Keep a lean startup too. Don’t think about getting a massive team for the hell of it. Too much disconnect. Too much management. Keep it as simple and effective as possible.

5. Pick 5 people for your entrepreneur dream team (assuming you and your team were riding the bench)

1. Definitely my current partner, Fan Bi for being a hardcore startup junkie and great leader (I won’t name the other’s on my team for this list because that’s just corny).
2. Dharmesh Shah, entrepreneur at HubSpot and author at OnStartups
3. Steve Jobs (hands-down)

6. Which one pursuit? Golf, Basketball, Skiing/Snowboarding, Knitting, Mountaineering/Climbing, Bowling, Watching Grass Grow

Umm.. if I had to pick from this list. I’d say Skiing/Snowboarding. Love to ski. But if I were to pick my own, probably be the strangest thing you’ve ever heard of but I’d like to be an Ultimate Fighter.

Follow Danny Wong on Twitter @blanklabel.

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