Dec 18 / Danny Wong

The Evolution of the World Wide Web and Web Users

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As the world evolves, and technology advances to make everyone’s life easier and better, consumers are evolving too. Web startups are looking to change the world by improving social communications, business interactions, and everyday life.

Consider the all-infamous company, Google. Their development of arguably the world’s best search engine allows us to scour the web for anything and everything that interests us.

Also, consider today’s startups like Kiva that’s allowing everyday people to micro-lend to third world entrepreneurs. They’re contributing to the way people give to charitable causes, therefore enriching the lives of a lot of people.

And there’s a simple startup like mine, Blank Label, which empowers consumers to become the designers of their own custom dress shirts. We’re changing the way guys shop by giving them some real say in what they’re product’s going to be.

Entrepreneurs are digging real deep to find new niche communities to serve and to effectively change the lives of many who can benefit from their product or service.

The World Wide Web has opened the floodgates to Webpreneurs to take real action, to connect with a wider community, and for Web Users to find people, organizations, causes, products, and information that genuinely interest them.

Do you want to become part of the Web Startup community? Anyone have any interesting concepts they’re working on or want to work on? Feel free to leave a comment to start an interesting discussion.

Otherwise, make it happen! Contribute something meaningful to our evolving world.

This post was written by Danny Wong, Lead Web Strategist at Blank Label, a custom dress shirt company. Browse some more of his team and his musings at their Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Blog which also contains company updates and thoughts about entrepreneurship.

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