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Utah Startup Marketplace (on Dec 2 @ BYU)

Wednesday, December 2nd

9:00-9:45 BYU Varsity Theater Kickoff & Keynote Speaker
Ryan Caldwell, CEO of EnticeLabs and successful serial entrepreneur
10:00-1:00 BYU Garden Court Marketplace

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This event is designed to bring BYU’s talented college students and Utah’s premier startups together. Here local startups will be able to tap the talent of our students for internships and work opportunities in a Career Fair environment with booths and information for students. Upon entering the marketplace students will be handed a list of opportunities with the startup companies on-hand. These opportunities will consist of one or more of the following:
Field Studies
Full- or Part-time positions

Utah has a thriving community of startup companies. These companies symbolize the future business success of Utah and our great nation. The purpose of this event is to:
Build awareness and excitement about Utah’s startup community
Bring Utah’s startup companies and BYU’s students together in a meaningful and purposeful way
Educate BYU students about the opportunities that exist at Utah’s startup companies
Educate Utah’s startup companies about the talent sourcing opportunities at BYU


The following organizations are sponsoring this event:
BYU University Career Services
BYU Business Career Center
BYU Fulton College of Engineering
Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
Novell Technology Center
Entice Labs
Silicon Slopes
The Web Startup Group

James, I think your cover's blown!
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