Jan 12 / Joshua Dance

What We Learn About Customer Service From The Nexus One

Creative Commons License photo credit: simone.brunozzi

An article over on FastCompany talks about customer complaints and problems with the new Google phone.  One of the most interesting points of the article is that the customer service is pretty bad.

The quote,
And in Google’s case, the biggest failing is in customer support: There are recurring tales of woe with consumers being referred between Google, T-Mobile and HTC client helplines without anyone taking responsibility or even offering to genuinely help.”

We should have seen this coming — since when has Google ever provided customer service?  I haven’t seen a help number to call when Gmail isn’t working, and judging from AdSense and the numerous Google ranking stories you never really know what they are doing over there in California.

Google works best with Engineers and data, two things that don’t go too nicely with customer service.

Great customer service is hard to do and small, agile companies must use this to their advantage.  If someone emails you with a problem and the guy who built the app emails back, how much better is that than getting a “Dear Valued Customer” email?

The take away is that no matter how great the technology is the customer service can make or break a product, service, or company.

(article here – http://ow.ly/VSiU)

UPDATE! – Google has launched a phone line support system for the Nexus.  Article here – http://ow.ly/15lfE


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  1. Kiley / Jan 14 2010

    I gotta say, this doesn’t surprise me either. Google is an impenetrable fortress of automated phone systems. The first time I set up an Adwords campaign, I tried several times unsuccessfully to get any kind of human on the phone. Towards the end, I would have been happy just to talk to the gardener. Google makes great apps, but if they can’t support them in an arena where customer service is already a sore point (cell phones), they will struggle.

  2. Joshua Dance / Jan 14 2010

    Too true Kiley. I like your point that cell phone service is already a huge sore point and Google (so far) had not shown ability to improve, but is actually worse. Thanks for the comment.

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