Jan 20 / Joshua Dance

Love Hate and To-do Lists

To-do lists are the ultimate productivity enhancer.  Just write out the tasks you need to do and then do them. Cross them off and get an instant ego boost!  So, why is my to-do app filled with hundreds of tasks that I have marked for later?  Maybe because I never read this article from the Harvard School (of smart people) about how to write to-do lists that work.

kid to do list, list, Be happy and go home
Creative Commons License photo credit: Carissa GoodNCrazy

Basically it boils down to 2 things.
  1. Break it down: don’t confuse projects with tasks.  For example, “Plan party” is a project, while “call Dan for sound system” is a task (or to-do item).
  2. Use action words and include details. For example, adding Dan’s phone number in the to-do item means that there is less of a chance that you will put it off because you “didn’t have his number” at that moment.
So, let’s go be productive!
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