Apr 2 / Matt Smith

WSG April Meeting!

Meeting – April

When: April 8 @ 6:30PM
Where: 374 TNRB at Brigham Young University
Event will be streamed live by local startup BizVision!

BizTech: The Power of Public Data – Matt Smith

* EdugluKyle Mathews
* FoodMove – Chad Williams
* BizVision – Shawn Jones
* Work-Cation – James Hurst
* Have an idea you want to share in May? email: fastpitch@webstartupgroup.com

* 1-minute ideas (All)

Meeting Sponsors:
Want to help? email sponsor@webstartupgroup.com

Watch the event live: http://bit.ly/wsg-live

RSVP: If attending, please post the following online (e.g., Twitter, Facebook):

I’m going to #WebStartupGroup on Apr 8 to join local technology entrepreneurs, are you? http://bit.ly/wsg-april

Happy Pi Day (to the 36th digit)!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mykl Roventine


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  1. Tanner / Apr 5 2010

    The date posted says April 8th, however the RSVP message says April 9th. Which one is correct?

  2. Matt Smith / Apr 5 2010

    Thursday, April 8, is the night. Thank for catching that, it has been fixed.

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