May 26 / Jensen Warnock

New Junto Opportunity Institute

My name is Jensen Warnock. This year I have been working on a new class for Junto Partners.  Some of you may be aware of Junto.  I is basically a experience based crash course in entrepreneurship.  The program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs get a leg up on the competition through an education in tactical applicable skill, development of meaningful network, and finding capital if needed.  The curriculum has been expanded to explore some of the deeper concepts of entrepreneurship. The first class will be taught every Tuesday night between June 22, and July 27 (6 weeks) from 6 to around 10pm. We have reserved the new Mountain America Credit Union auditorium in the Tanner Building of their corporate offices.  There is room for only 148 dedicated individuals. There is an application process, and a $2000 tuition to cover materials, staffing, facilities, etc. However, you are all in luck because I have talked with Matt Smith and Junto is going to wave the application processing fee, and give you all a 50% discount.  Below are instruction to take advantage of this opportunity.  This discount puts the price around that of a university course, all of the text and materials are included, and the value of the education far exceeds that of a university business course or the price of the tuition.  I look forward to meeting you in the class, and going through the Junto experience with you.

The application can be found here, and the discount code is FreeApp
If you are accepted, we will send you a link and a password to register, on the registration page use the discount code WebStartup50 to get the discount.

To learn more feel free to look over our website, or email me at

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