Jun 7 / Joshua Dance

Launch It! #2 :: Furious Five Startup Teams

The Web Startup Group presents the second annual “Launch It!” event: Launch It #2.  The idea is simple.  If you want to participate,  you can sign-up until the slots are full.


  • 6 Programmers
  • 3 User Interface Designers (Sales & Presentation)
  • 3 Business Strategy Researchers
  • 3 Social Media Wizards


  1. Each participant will be algorithmically assigned to a team.  Teams will be given approximately 3 6 weeks to take an idea from spark to boom.
  2. Each team will be assigned an experience entrepreneur as a mentor
  3. The resulting creations will be presented and evaluated by a crack team of successful entrepreneurs, faculty professors, and a grandma.
  4. Fame and fortune will follow.

Interested?  Sign-up now (using the form below):

Note: This is an on-going event that begins as necessary slots fill-up!

Update: Applications have been accepted and Squad One has been formed!

Currently, Squad Two and Squad Three are being formed as applications come in.


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  1. Dave Richards / Jun 16 2010

    Any updates on how soon we will be starting?
    Has it started to fill up enough?

    Anything we can do to prepare?

  2. Matt Smith / Jun 16 2010

    The first groupings are nearly completed and we anticipate beginning Launch It #2 sometime within the next couple weeks (perhaps, even next week).

    To prepare you can be brainstorming about which ideas you would like to pursue with your group.

    All suggestions will be incorporated — we will assign an experienced mentor for each to meet with.

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