Jun 23 / Matt Smith

Squad One :: Launch It!

Launch It #2 is underway! Squads Two and Three are being formed as we speak. If you would like to be a part of it, then apply here.

Here is a brief report from David Richards of Squad One on their first meet-up:

Squad One is getting things rolling with a talented group of individuals! Members of the team include Matt White, JT Olds, Garrett Gee, Nick Halden, and David Richards.

  • Matt White is from California and is a BYU graduate. He has worked as a software engineer for two years with Mozy.
  • JT Olds grew up in Sandy and is a Utah grad student and Minnesota Alum in computer science. Currently, he is working for Mozy as an engineer.
  • Garrett Gee from California is a design enthusiast and is currently working for Rocketship Design. He finished his first year at BYU and will be studying industrial design.
  • Nick Halden is from Sandy and is a Brown University alum in computational biology and works in the technology department for Vix ERG, a supplier of automated fair collection systems.
  • David Richards is from Colorado and is a BYU graduate in Accounting. He will be starting work in assurance services with Pricewaterhousecoopers.

The squad had their first meeting today with Jeremy Hanks, their mentor and founder of Doba. They have already brainstormed some promising ideas. To name a few, the group discussed political social networking, GPS integration technologies, and QR codes. The most promising of these areas surrounds QR code technology. Currently, the team in conducting more research in order to achieve an understanding of market potential and new technology feasibility.

We look forward to the great things that Squad One will be creating.  If you haven’t already, apply for Launch It #2!

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