Sep 8 / Matt Smith

Web Startup Group Fall Opener

The Web Startup group was founded to bring together people interested in creating new sites, services, and startups online. Group members include computer scientists, web developers (programmers and designers), marketing and business-minded individuals, creative idea people, and others with technology related skills. This will be the first meeting of the new Fall semester, where we will discuss and make Web startups come to life. If you are interested in doing something online then join us!

Below is the meeting agenda:

Meeting – September

When: September 9 @ 6:30PM
Where: 374 TNRB at Brigham Young University

Introduction: Matt Smith

BizTech: David Bateman, Co-founder and CEO, PropertySolutions

* YellowOxygen – Jamen Nelson
* AttractLabs – Joe Hilton
* Garrett Gee
* BekoZone – Tamio Stehrenberger

* Have an idea you want to share? email:

* 1-minute ideas (All)

Meeting Sponsors:
Want to help? email

All are invited.

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  1. Tanner / Sep 9 2010

    See you there!

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