Oct 26 / Justin Eddy

Job: Web Startup Needs Web Designer / Tech Expert – High Growth Potential – Equity Offered

If you are interested in competing in any of the BYU business competitions or working with a web startup please see the following post from one of our students.
A partner and I are currently starting a new business to compete in the Business Model Competition, Business Plan Competition, and ultimately, to turn into a high-growth, harvestable business. We have pitched our idea to various members of the entrepreneurship department as well as at initial idea pitch events and have received rave reviews from faculty and other successful entrepreneurs. We have support from a few local organization to help develop our idea.  We need a website designer who can create an initial prototype of our website and in the future lead a team of designers to create the site needed for a national launch of the company.
The website will create a consumer-to-consumer network and will need to include the following features:
  • Able to handle user generated content where individuals can post their items (similar to airbnb.com, please check out this website)
  • Payment processing system between users and from users to our business as a service fee. Probably PayPal-based.
  • Maps and location integration (Google Maps for finding the location of the items for sale)
  • SEO that will enable to website to rise quickly to the top of major search engine results
Currently we have 2 partners in this business. Equity will be offered as milestones are achieved relative to the contribution that you make.  We are looking for someone that already has experience in these areas and that can both create a website with these features and lead a team of designers that can perfect this website. Both my partner and I are very committed to carrying this idea to fruition and, if successful, the idea should generate millions of dollars in revenue as the business matures. We are looking for a serious designer who can produce top-quality work and is interested in this kind of entrepreneurial venture.
Please send resumes and samples of your work to coltonbhicks@gmail.com if you are interested or feel free to contact me with any future questions.
We look forward to working with you!
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