Nov 5 / Matt Smith

November Event Announced: Ideastorm

In November the Web Startup Group will be mixing things up to get those creative entrepreneurial juices flowing.  To begin, we will have some talks that will quickly layout a few of the major trends going on within technology.   The group will then collaboratively brainstorm about ideas and problems that will be meaningful to work on to hit these waves.

When: November 11 @ 6:30PM
Where: 374 TNRB at Brigham Young University

Trends (3 minutes each):
* Matt Smith
* Kirk Ouimet
* Aaron Johnson
* Garrett Gee

These trend talks will highlight a few important problems that are impacting the future for technology entrepreneurs. Next, we will open it up to everyone for a mass brainstorm for people to discuss which problems would be interesting to work on and then brainstorm about possible solutions.

Collaborative Brainstorm
* Everyone is invited to participate

1-Minute Ideas:
* As usual, we will make time for those with 1-minute ideas to share them (whether or not they are related to the ideastorm)

Meeting Sponsors:
Doba / LaunchUp
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