Mar 9 / Justin Eddy

WSG March Event: Social Media Engagement Competition (Round 1)

This Thursday we will have our first round of submissions for students to compete in the Social Media Engagement Competition, sponsored by SR Consulting.

Date: Thursday, March 10th
Time: 6:30 to 7:30
Location: 280 TNRB

We will be listening to ~5 min. presentations on how to create value for a brand via social media channels. Spencer Rogers will be evaluating the strategies and making decisions on which ones will move ahead to the final round of the competition in April. Following the competition presentations we will have time for our OpenSession where anyone is welcome to pitch an idea for feedback and team building.

Everyone is invited.



Social Media Engagement Presenters

* Have an idea you want to share? email:

* 1-minute ideas shared by anyone

Meeting Sponsors:

SR Consulting

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