Jun 21 / Justin Eddy

Provo Dojo Open House + Open Mic

Working on a startup and need some office space?  Check out http://provodojo.tumblr.com/about and see the post below!

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Open House

Come see the new Provo Dojo office! We’ve just finished adding a fresh coat of paint and we’re excited to show Utah what we’ve been up to.

Present will be the Provo Dojo companies including EcoScraps (featured in May’s issue of Inc. magazine — http://ecoscraps.net) and MealDrop (serving hungry BYU students for 2 semesters –http://mealdrop.com) among other new and exciting local startups.

Open Mic

We’ll also have an “open mic” available during the open house for any local startups who want to give visitors a quick elevator-style pitch.  Email ryan.probasco@gmail.com to reserve a slot.

Join Us

If you’re in Provo, have a young business, and want to work alongside other ambitious startups, you can apply here to join Provo Dojo. Or if you’re an investor or would just like to help out drop us a linehere.

Please RSVP [http://launchlabsopenhouse.eventbrite.com/] (it’s free) and then drop by any time from 5-7PM on June 21st


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