Aug 12 / Addison Higham

Come to the first Utah node.js meetup!

On Thursday, August 25th, bring your laptop and your thinking cap and come participate in the first Utah Node.js meetup. 

When: Aug 25th at 6:30pm

Where: 374 TNRB

Whether you are just getting started with node or are already an experienced node developer, a meetup is the perfect place to hone your skills, network with fellow developers, or just have a good time hacking away with your friends and peers.

It’s going to be a pretty relaxed affair and hopefully a good time. For this first meeting, we plan on having a short introductory talk, a few small demos, and then splitting off into teams to code up a few small challenges. We’ll finish up with some Q/A and demos of what the groups have done.

To make things as easy as possible, please come with node already installed on your machine* (, and basic knowledge of how to get node up and running.

In the future, we hope to make these meetings a platform for serious developers to get together and solve problems. As things progress, we would love to regularly have demo’s from both amateur and professional devs.

If you are interested in giving a demo or have any questions, contact Addison at

Looking forward to seeing you there!


*Window’s Users – support for node.js on windows is growing, but it’s still lacking some features. For best support, we recommend creating a virtual machine using VirtualBox ( – free) and installing a Linux distro (such as ubuntu – ).

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  1. Matt Smith / Aug 13 2011

    Perhaps, not the first in Utah, yet possibly the first at BYU! (Utah JS — — has had some NodeJS meetups:

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