Oct 11 / Justin Eddy

WSG – BMC Joint Meeting: Business Model Development, FastPitches, OpenSession, Food!

Join us this Thursday for our monthly meeting held in conjunction with the BYU Business Model Competition.  If you are developing your startup concept, and looking to validate the business model around it, then don’t miss this meeting!

DATE:  Thursday, October 13th
TIME:  6:30 PM

This meeting will have some invaluable mentoring for all those who have an idea they are excited about, but not sure what to do next… So, many have expressed this need!  Before you start to code or go looking for developers, PLEASE come learn how to gain traction and validation around your startup concept at zero to limited cost.  Here is our agenda for Thursday:

Keynote (30 min.)
Presenter: John Richards
Topic: Winning the BYU Business Model Competition

FastPitch (5 min. each)

Presenter: Bryan Braun
Pitching: Mapmixr

Presenter: Clifford Maxwell
Pitching: MaxwellSmart
Open Session Pitches (5 – 10 min.)
Food & Networking

Thanks to our sponsors:
Doba / LaunchUp
Exceptional Accounting
Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

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