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Inaugural Fall Hackathon for Web Startup Group

Build. Measure. Learn

Come and join us for the Inaugural Fall Hackathon for technology students (any major, any skill level), alumni, and local entrepreneurs on Thursday, Sept 13th  at 6:00pm in 1130 TMCB (Talmage Building).  It is free and will be a lot of fun.  Let us know your coming by signing up…

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There will be hackathons throughout the Fall semester that will be used to help student teams focus on making a technology idea come to life.  The projects will be proposed and chosen by the students, so everyone will get to choose what is most interesting to them to work on.  In addition to working in a team on a cool project, you will gain experience cultivating startup ideas, building products with minimum feature sets, and gaining interest and users online.

– The Web Startup Group (WSG)

The Web Startup Group is a computer science club that is open to all majors and skill levels.

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