Oct 18 / Rollins Center at BYU

Free Classes on Ruby (and Rails) – PIZZA & PRIZES

MoneyDesktop, a leading software company based in Provo, has contacted the Rollins Center and wants to encourage development using Ruby (and Rails).  To get things started, MoneyDesktop will teach an introductory Ruby 101 class  on Tue, Oct 23 at 6PM in W242 TNRB.

Pizza and prizes will be provided, including a certificate for the yet to be released iPad Mini!!

The company is planning on teaching additional courses addressing the following topics: RESTful Resources, JSON API’s, Securing your API, MVC, and Routing.  Further details on the additional courses including when and where they will be held will be announced at next Tuesday’s introductory class.

Hope to see you there!


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  1. Adam / Nov 29 2012

    Do you have any updates on the schedule for the additional courses? I missed this intro course and would love to make it out for any follow-up events.

  2. Jeff Brown / Nov 29 2012

    All of the courses have been taught. The schedule was posted on the Mobile App Competition website.


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