The Web Startup group was founded to bring together people interested in creating new sites and services online. Group members include web developers (programmers and designers), marketing and business-minded individuals, creative idea people, and others with technology related skills. The group meets regularly to discuss and make Web Startups come to life. If you are interested in making a difference online then join us!

The main discussion will be at the meetings and here (on this site). However, you can also join us on the following social networks:

Facebook (or LinkedIn)

Although group membership is not limited by location. The physical meetings for the group are held in Utah, USA, typically at Brigham Young University in the city of Provo. If you would like to begin holding physical meetings in your location, we encourage you to do so — we will provide ideas and suggestions to help you along your way. We promote collaboration with individuals and groups worldwide.

Come to a meeting, comment on the blog, or contact us to get involved!