The meeting schedule and format are in the sections below. Meetings are held at least monthly on the 2nd Thursday of every month (except where otherwise noted). The meeting details are provided as they become available.


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The overriding emphasis is on interesting, relevant information quickly disseminated. It should have punch. Shorter is better. The officially organized portion of the meeting should be between 30-45 minutes.

A typical meeting has three parts:
1. BizTech
2. FastPitch
3. OpenSession

One (or two) BizTech talks, 1-4 Fast Pitches, and the OpenSession with food. The OpenSession is left open ended so that everyone can mingle for as long as they like.

These talks are no longer than 15 minutes in length, and need to be very well prepared and executed. They should be on topics technical in nature while emphasizing how the technology can be applied to business, or how it affects startups.

Fast Pitches are short 5-minute mini pitches made to the whole group. The idea being you can pitch an idea, something you need feedback on or if you are looking for collaborators. Five minutes means they’ve got to be to the point. These can be startup ideas, or, like a tech talk by a techie looking for how to make money off a tech idea.

The Open Session is designed to facilitate networking, but also to find birds of a feather. Anyone wishing to talk about a specific topic, whatever it may be, writes the topic on a piece of paper. They then have one minute at the microphone describing what the topic is and why others may be interested in it. The group then can comment on the idea or people can congregate around the person afterwards in a location assigned by the meeting MC. The paper is taped to the assigned wall (or on the person) and after all the ideas have been announced, the formal portion of the meeting is completed. At this point, everyone can grab some grub and then participate in the self-forming groups.

Some possible BizTech topics

  • Amazon Web Services (Sam Curren)
  • Google App Engine
  • Android (Sam Curren)
  • IPhone (Steve Woolley)
  • CSS and Design (Robinsons)
  • Javascript (e.g., JQuery, Ext, Yahoo UI) (Brian Whitmer)
  • What’s happening with the browser and javascript performance: v8/tracemonkey/squirrelfish
  • Hybrid applications between web & desktop (Prism, Fluid, chrome, air (dynamic language:desktop lua & adobe, rubycocoa, pycocoa)
  • How to hire good employees (what to look for in a marketer, developer etc.) (Chad Bennett)
  • Facebook/OpenSocial application development
  • PHP Frameworks (e.g., CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symphony)
  • Ajax vs. Flash/Flex The state of Ajax — what you can do and what you can’t
  • Flex (Brady White)
  • Social Media (Matt Smith, Jack Hadley)
  • Payment Gateways (Kyle Mathews)
  • Making your website mashable (amenable to greasemonkey, and mashing up with other services)
  • Leveraging social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn¬†(Matt Smith)
  • Viral marketing and monetizing useful websites (Kirk Ouimet)
  • Making usable applications


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  1. austin harrison / Aug 8 2012

    where do you meet?

  2. Matt Smith / Aug 14 2012

    Traditionally, we’ve met in either the TMCB or the TNRB. Details will be posted prior to the next meeting.

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