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Since we want to create the best possible list for the Web Startup Group community, to contribute to the list just make a comment below. (Furthermore, if you there is anything you’d like to see removed from the list, let us know, too.) 😉

For now, this list has been borrowed from the Studentstartup.com (cited at the bottom of the page), but will be completely overhauled and refined to fit our community, with the help of the community.

Digital Resources

Web sites

Starting Your Business

Funding Your Business

Entrepreneurial Law


Research Companies In Your Industry

Resources for Non-Business Majors




Organization and Time Management

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  1. Ruth Hedges / May 13 2010

    Please add http://www.fundingroadmap.com to your starting your business list.
    We are the first cloud based business plan and due diligence reporting system with a video elevator pitching platform built in to the report.

    Thank you.
    Ruth E Hedges CE0
    Unismart Capital Software

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